Zohreh Sadeghi

Zohreh is the founder and director of Roha. She has studied Ayurvedic medicine extensively in California and India. While in India, she was not only studying but interning at Ayurvedic hospitals in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Learning about this ancient holistic medicine changed her life forever and gave her the best gift she could ask for, her calling. A calling not only to educate everyone around her but to help them achieve a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Zohreh works with individuals suffering from chronic ailments and over time freeing their bodies from illnesses while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She also works with clients who suffer from acute symptoms related to cold, flu, and seasonal allergies. She performs a wide variety of Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments which are excellent for aches and pains in muscles and joints.

Zohreh’s objective is to restore balance in her clients’ bodies and minds helping them achieve a state of relaxation and peacefulness through Ayurveda and its sister science Yoga. Her expertise includes Ayurvedic consultations, pulse diagnosis, dietary/lifestyle consultations, Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments, and private Yoga classes.