Yoko Tin

Yoko Tin is a 2019 graduate of Evolve Yoga + Wellness 200-Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training - Evolve’s first original teacher training. She also completed the 50-Hour Yoga Anatomy with Soul Teacher Training in March 2019 and 50-Hour Foundation of Yin Yoga and Mindfulness  in 2020. She is currently working on a course on Myofascial Release with Yoga Medicine.
A native from Japan, Yoko has lived in Australia and California as a military spouse. She has been living in Southern Maryland for 13 years. After years of being in constant pain from a ski accident she suffered in her 20’s, Yoko was looking for an alternate treatment. It was when she moved to Southern Maryland and found a yoga class taught by Ann Hunt in the Naval Base where her yoga journey really began. 
For Yoko, Yoga is not only a tool for pain relief, but also a tool for self-discovery and self-love that extends compassion to others. Her teaching style is inspired by so many of the amazing instructors and students within the Evolve community. Yoko likes to incorporate the combination of energy/calmness and steadiness/ease throughout her practice. As a teacher, she wants to connect with every student to offer the best practice to each one of them. Yoko would especially love to share and incorporate her unique Japanese culture with her students during class.