Yoga Chuck

👋 I am Yoga Chuck

Hobbies: Yoga and cycling
Married: Beautiful wife Carol since 1990
RYT 500 Hour
300 Hour Therapeutic Training Program
Yin Yoga Certification
UZIT Practitioner (Urban Zen Integrative Therapy)
Reiki Master

Been practicing yoga since 2005. Started because of "Multiple Sclerosis” (MS).

Teaching multiple levels of Yoga since 2009: Chair Yoga to Power Yoga. I also teach at several Assisted Living Facilities including an Alzheimer’s unit, a Senior Center, and a Developmental Center.

I was diagnosed in 2001 with Multiple Sclerosis. When things were so bad in 2005 I was treated with chemotherapy infusions. It didn't help or improve my MS condition so my neurologist at the Clevland Clinic said I need to go on disability. I was on disability for three and a half years, before improving from Practicing Yoga enough to take myself off disability. 
I began Yoga July of 2005 when I was at my worst and only able to practice Yoga five minutes a day with a 20-minute recovery. After building strength, endurance, and energy from a regular Yoga practice I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training because I knew I had to practice Yoga for the rest of my life to continue the obvious benefits I was experiencing. The length of my yoga practice grew as well as gaining energy and strength. It got to the point the MS-induced depression was gone and my dropped leg and electric shock were happening less and not as deep as well as my sensory issues diminishing. Yoga was and is a large part of my success and life in getting me to the point that I am at today. Yoga literally transformed my life from disabled to being a fully functioning individual in society.  

Happy & Healthy,
Yoga Chuck