Wren Miller

👋 I am Wren Miller

I teach to empower individuals to own their practice with a sense of play and openness, both on and off the mat. My dream is to inspire students to explore their edges, and their inner selves, with a smile on their face, happiness in their heart, and serenity in their mind. 

As a former D1 All-American swimmer, my comfort level in the water once grew to supersede my comfort level and coordination on land. Yoga brought me back to a place of pure growth and personal challenge, both mentally and physically. My personal practice included Bikram and Pilates before finding Vinyasa in London in 2012. 

I am an RYT200 currently pursuing my 300-hr certificate. I have studied under a wide range of teachers, continue to do so, and encourage others to do the same – because the greatest gift you can ever give yourself is the opportunity to grow.