Tyler Lambuth

Tyler Lambuth, (a.k.a. DJ Bhakti Styler & founder of MTNMAN Groups) has been blessed to have a committed and continuous teacher, Steph Snyder (Love Story Yoga, SF-CA) remind him that all future suffering is avoidable. He has studied with John Wineland for the past five years and helps men and women cultivate purpose, give and receive love fully, and inspires us to live the greatest version of ourselves through the yoga of intimacy. His classes will drop you into your body through various yogic technologies including Qigong, breathwork, Kundalini, and Vinyasa. Expect to set a powerful intention for your life, FLOW, breathe, be kind, kick-ass, and REPEAT. This practice will rejuvenate your soul knowing that the most important work awaits; to be open and available to life's challenges.