Tyler Butler

Tyler’s mission is to bring himself and others into the joy of being and help eliminate unnecessary suffering.  He is a believer that we each have the conscious ability to use breath and movement to take ownership of our autonomic nervous systems and associated mood states, bolster our immune systems to prevent short and long-term illness, and ultimately improve overall quality of life. Tyler worked as an engineer and consultant in his former office life and gained thorough respect for how excessive sitting and other sedentary behaviors create pain in our bodies. His classes focus on crossing the bridge between yoga and mobility practices to help develop joint resiliency. Tyler is now a devoted lifelong student of breath and movement and is currently studying exercise physiology, behavior change, and health program planning at the University of Pittsburgh. In his classes, you can expect to be challenged, to engage your body’s awareness, and to feel a deeply peaceful resolution. You can check out his IG @tyler.being