Todd Erik Skoglund

👋 I am Todd Erik Skoglund

I co-founded and co-directed South Boston Yoga Studio from 2008 in South Boston, MA through 2020, and taught at Equinox Lifestyle Clubs from 2012-2020. I have led classes, workshops, retreats, and over 45 Teacher Trainings in Boston and around the globe. My movement background is extensive spanning 20+ years in Yoga, Martial Arts, Creative Movement, and Personal Training as well as a BA in Eastern Philosophy with a firm foundation in meditation and other internal arts. I teach with a fierce compassion grounded in intelligently creative classes to bring each student to a stronger, firmer understanding of their own body and health potential.

I do not practice or teach any one exclusive ‘style’ of yoga or movement. I filter all of my various influences through my own practice and body exploration to construct my classes. I teach my students to move from their center through fun and creative sequencing, static and dynamic stretching, isometric strength development, bodyweight conditioning and arm balancing/inversion work. I encourage transitioning with grace, articulation and control from one movement to the next to develop whole-body core strength, stable alignment, coordination and a greater range of controlled motion.

I bring light-hearted purpose tempered with great respect for my students' health and safety. I do tend to teach on the more challenging side in order to bring greater focus, concentration and overall mindfulness to my students' movement. With that said, however, I always offer multi-level modifications in my sequencing.

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