Tina Los

As a competitive swimmer, triathlete and marathoner, I was comfortable pushing my body to its limits, but I did not know how to listen to my body, or how to rest. After several suggestions to add yoga to my routine, I was uneasy with the poses, and limited in my flexibility, but the release and sense of peace at the end of each class kept me coming back to the mat. Yoga helped me slow down, both on and off the mat, find balance between effort and ease, and use breath to create space to just be. It helped me turn inward and it brought me back to myself. 

I feel called to teach yoga; empowering others to reach their potential, creating connections, and building community. As a coach, relationship builder, empathic listener and friend, I teach with enthusiasm, kindness, and compassion. I design classes that are accessible and inclusive to all individuals, in order to create a space where everyone feels safe, can be fully present and connect with themselves. I am excited and honored to be a part of the Dark Star Yoga team, and to have the opportunity to practice with all of you.

Off the mat you can find me dancing around the  kitchen while cooking for friends and family, enjoying the outdoors running, hiking or biking and devouring books at the beach.