Tiffany Adams

👋 I am Tiffany Adams

Tiffany attended her first yoga class in 2012. After a handful of classes, she was already reaping the benefits of the practice. Early in her practice she noticed how her posture was changing. Not only did she grow from standing taller, but her confidence was growing too. Yoga is time for her! Tiffany believes yoga is about challenging yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Yoga shows Tiffany how to be happy with who she is now and through the journey of life. Tiffany was excited and energized in a way that she felt she needed to share the love of yoga with others. Tiffany completed her 200 hour registered yoga teacher training and mentorship program with Kindness Yoga. Her vinyasa classes reflect the love she has for alignment, pranayama, and mantras. Tiffany’s creative outlet is designing fun and powerful sequences, connecting breath to movement. Will you join her? Off the mat you can find Tiffany snowboarding, hula hooping, hiking, camping, and dancing happily through life.