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Tara truly tapped into a consistent yoga practice in 2009 when she was in the midst of challenging time caregiving for a loved one. She sensed something special about yoga after the first vinyasa class she took in her hometown, Eagle, Colorado. The connection of movement to breath, feeling the opening of energetic pathways in the body plus the overall strengthening and flexibility she felt became something she craved regularly to help create balance in life.  Through the past decade her yoga practice has ebbed and flowed to compliment a busy schedule racing bikes and running a busy coffee shop while also helping her heal mentally from stress and anxiety, physically from injuries and emotionally from tragic grief.  Tara completed a 200hr Teacher Training through Colorado School of Yoga and is now pursuing an 800hr IAYT certification through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. It has become a passion for Tara to share her love for yoga with communities of yogis, helping others feel harmony and openings in their own body and practice. Tara likes to create fun flows that balance the body through strategic anatomic and energetic sequencing and believes in feeling strong but soft both on the mat and in life. When she’s not teaching in a studio, Tara is the yoga facilitator for the Dear Jack Foundation where she works with cancer survivors and their caregivers on retreats to help them restore inner balance through yoga, meditation and pranayama. In her free time, you may find Tara outside on the trails running, mountain biking or simply soaking up the sun with her pups, partner and a big smile.
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