Steve Kraska

If you want a high-energy class that keeps you grooving to the beat - let's move together!
Background: Steve first pursued yoga for the same reason most people do – to learn how to do handstands. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, Steve discovered the true physical rigor of yoga and instead turned to group fitness to get in better shape (with the ultimate goal of doing handstands, of course). Group fitness helped Steve manage his anxiety, develop strength, speed, and balance, and ultimately revealed its secret power: the magic of collective energy. This energy not only supercharged Steve's workouts, but also transformed Steve as a person - bringing the confidence he built in his body to all aspects of life.

Years later, Steve returned to yoga, now with the physical balance to do handstands, but this time seeking mind-body balance. Buddha Burn presented a mind-body challenge fueled by the energy of group fitness. He immediately fell in love. Powered by the newfound love, Steve was inspired to train to become a teacher to help others to find the gift that Buddha Burn, and fitness in general, has given him: the belief that you can accomplish what you put your mind and heart towards in every area of life because of what you accomplish by doing the same in class.

Certifications: YTT 200 Hours (via ZYG), Barre (via ZYG), Sculpt TT (via CPY)
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