Stephanie Rio

Steph (she/her) is a cisgender, white, temporarily able-bodied yoga teacher who believes that showing up to practice yoga is a lever upon which we can know and experience radical joy, empowerment, love and growth. She encourages students to meet themselves where they are on their yoga journey, knowing that it is one that is deeply personal and interconnected. Steph works to create a space where people from all backgrounds and bodies can compassionately explore the beautiful, messy ways to be their authentic selves both on and off the mat. She is forever grateful to all her teachers who have guided her along this path.

When coming to practice with Steph, students can expect a thoughtfully sequenced Asana flow, including plenty of options to help guide students to move and breathe in their body. Steph loves pairing a complimentary playlist to her classes and creating a space where music can deepen a students experience. Steph likes a "cozy" vibe to guiding practice and is focused on cueing ways for people to explore whatever feels good in their bodies.

Steph completed her 250 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in 2012 at Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia. She also received certification in Kids and Family Yoga from Yogawood in 2009. Steph had the honor to mentor yoga teach trainee students at Wake Up Yoga and has been practicing as a student for 19 years and teaching for 7 years at studios. Steph also runs her own online virtual yoga business, Moonface Yoga.

In her free time, Steph likes to hang with her family, friends, and pets. She is also a podcast lover, novice science nerd, and cold weather fan!