Sharon Brock

Sharon Brock is an LA-based, certified Mindfulness Facilitator, trained at the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. She is also a trained teacher of UCSD's research-based course: Mindful Self Compassion. Sharon studied Biopsychology as an undergrad at UCSB, and has two master's degrees in Education (UCSB) and Journalism (Columbia University). She is also the author of the book The LOVEE Method: 5 Mindful Steps to Emotional Resilience, launching Spring 2021, where she shares how her mindfulness practice helped her to overcome a life-threatening health crisis. Combining Eastern yoga and meditation philosophies with Western neuroscience and biopsychology research, Sharon teaches mindfulness from the intersection of science and spirituality. Sharon teaches mindfulness courses online, at corporations and meditation studios, and with private clients as a mindfulness coach