Sarah Pintos

👋 I am Sarah Pintos

Sarah is a mama + yoga teacher who aspires to share the teachings of yoga with the world. Through this practice, she believes, we begin to reawaken, strengthen and connect to our mind, breath and body to bring forth vitality, release, and create space to live your life to its fullest potential. 

Sarah’s teachings are influenced by a number of esteemed yoga teachers in the yoga community. As a student first Sarah continues to deepen her practice with her teachers and is fully committed to share the knowledge bestowed upon her. Sarah was formally trained in Austin, TX at LifePower where she received her 200hr certificate under her teachers Thomas Leveret and Claudia Castro. She later received her 300hr certificate at Wanderlust Yoga in Austin, TX under her teachers and mentors Kate Waitzin and Leah Cullis. 

Sarah’s classes are designed to motivate and encourage you to push your practice through a challenging, purposeful sequence using breath and movement to get out of your head and into your body.