Sarah Girard

Since I had pediatric cancer, I am deeply aware that life is precious and so I commit each day to live fully and to celebrate life's mysteries. I am passionate about the merging of the mind and body through physical movement, breath and meditation.

In fact, over the past 20 years, Yoga has helped me stay focused, calm, productive and deeply heal.  As an athlete and a professional dancer for a decade, Yoga has helped me to remain pain-free through various strains and injuries.

My classes are based on the wisdom of the Hatha Yoga lineage which emerged as a response to the Tantric teachings.  I also have education in Somatics, Therapeutics, Pranayama, Anatomy, and Vedic and Western philosophy.

I believe we are all complex and unique.  But a few of the roles I claim are student, traveler, foodie, sister and fan of good story telling.

This practice is interdisciplinary, holistic and constantly evolving.  

We are all in process.  

So, I look forward to meeting you, as you are, and to continue learning together in shared inquiry and community.