Sarah Burns

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I've been teaching since Dec. 2014. I studied Life Power Vinyasa & Ashtanga with Jonny Kest, and I started teaching in Memphis, Tennessee (where I'm from). Before my yoga journey, I went to LSU, lived in New Orleans, and worked in France. I have been so fortunate to make yoga a full-time career, working with studios, schools, and athletic teams locally and abroad. 

My favorite styles are flow-based (Power, Vinyasa, Slow Burn),  and I have a sweet tooth for arm balances and ashtanga. I encourage students to flow by themselves in class, to give them a chance to truly serve their own bodies and needs on their mats, and to facilitate the opportunity to get into a *real* flow state-- totally in the zone of breath, movement, and focus. 

In 2019, I sold my car and stored anything that didn't fit in two backpacks, and I left to go globetrotting. I worked as an ESL teacher, a yoga and mobility coach, and a volunteer coordinator in South America & Europe until the pandemic started. 

At the end of 2020, after months of bouncing around, teaching yoga online, and twiddling my thumbs, I decided to move to Austin for a new adventure. I started at YTX in May 2021, and I've loved diving into this wonderfully dynamic sangha.