Sara Garside

Sara Garside earned her RYT500 from Yoga Vermont in April 2022. Though she does not subscribe to any particular asana school exclusively in her teaching, it is heavily influenced by her personal practice of Ashtanga. Sara has found that in working with challenging postures and transitions on the mat, she is better equipped to negotiate the mental and emotional tests that life itself brings. This is just one of the benefits of yoga that she hopes to share with her students.

Having begun her yoga journey in 2015, and having found Ashtanga in 2018, Sara has gone to great lengths to broaden the scope of her teaching and deepen her knowledge as a student. Her studenship, within form and formless, gross and subtle, will not end. She studied for three weeks at KPJ Shala in India March 2023, and traveled extensively to take workshops, classes, and/or immersions with David Swenson, David Garrigues, Adam Keen, Christine Hoar and others. In the world of Ashtanga Yoga many students become a “devotee” of one teacher, however, Sara has sought the perspectives of several to offer her students many access points into the practices. Attending Sara’s classes is a special opportunity to grow your yogic skills through discipline, then, apply your personal wisdom to how you move through life in and away from the studio. 

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