Sandi Smith-Grove

Sandi is a RYT200 who has been informally teaching yoga and mindfulness principles for many years. She first began studying yoga in 1992 as part of a healing regime after back surgery, and completed her 200 hour certification at the Yoga & Movement Center in Walnut Creek. She has received teaching certifications in Yoga for Healthy Aging, Prenatal Yoga and completed the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program for Health Care Providers.

Sandi believes yoga is a practice that can benefit any one and any body; that movement and mindfulness are interwoven, and that we have the ability to focus on the breath and find balance in our daily lives. Discovering the strength within, while listening to the body and learning to let go are concepts interwoven into her classes. Yoga is a wonderful way to maintain physical, emotional and mental wellness, as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

When she is not working or practicing, you can find her in the garden, on the trail, in one of her women’s groups, at the movies or reading a good book. She is married and has 2 adult children.