Samantha Brown

👋 I am Samantha Brown

Samantha believes that the movement of the body and breath, whether through art, music, dance, athletic activity, or the expansive practice of yoga, is the direct expression of the soul. Her classes involve carefully composed melodies of movement that are both challenging and accessible to all levels, while cultivating mindfulness through loving awareness.

Samantha’s mission is to create a space in which students feel safe and empowered to explore inner and outer worlds, deepening and experimenting in their own unique possibilities through Hatha Vinyasa practice.

Samantha is a graduate of the Asana Studio Connect RYT 200-Hour Teacher Training program. Her favorite thing about Asana is learning, laughing, and growing with the wonderful community of yogis that grace its rooms. Outside of instructing, she is an artist, music fanatic, animal lover, consciousness explorer, and total goof.

She looks forward to meeting you on the journey, after all “We’re all just walking each other home”. -Ram Dass