Sadie Crystal (She/Hers)

👋 I am Sadie Crystal (She/Hers)

     Sadie discovered yoga through a team bonding activity for tennis in high school, being a lifelong dancer, yoga intrigued her with its stretches and postures that felt comfortable and familiar in her body. As her interest in yoga grew, she invested more time in her practice and wanted to expand and learn beyond the lens of a student. Being displaced from college moving back home because of respiratory disease COVID-19, she felt a lull in her life and her mental and physical practice. Discovering a yoga teacher training reignited her passion for movement and since has dived into the world of yoga. Sadie is a teacher because she believes everybody and every body deserves the peace and stability that yoga brings, and she has seen how yoga has changed her life for the better. She has movement experience in Vinyasa yoga, pilates, restorative yoga, meditation, acrobatics, and dance. She is a student at Loyola Marymount University pursuing a double major in dance and psychology.

Take a class from Sadie to:
  • Be in a loving, judgement free community
  • Gain strength and flexibility in your body
  • Enjoy fun, unique classes and playlists
  • Challenge and overcome mental and physical barricades
  • Foster new positive behavior patterns and practices
  • Begin or continue your yoga journey!