Sabah Tahilramani

Beautiful mentors, research into various fields of academia, mind-set work like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and learning to play with different energetic dynamics have inspired Sabah to develop self-mastery programmes. Sabah's holistic approach remains uninfluenced as it is intuitive and unique to her, with a focus on personalising diverse self-healing processes. It’s all about mastering the mind-body-spirit connection and bringing it into harmony. Sabah has an educational background in Psychology and Ancient History. After a long career as a Marketing & Communication Strategist Sabah is currently, the founder of The Self-Mastery Initiative and a practising, ever-evolving Yoga & Meditation teacher/student. Sabah facilitates retreats, conscious gatherings based upon love, connection to the divine within, self-expression and exploration. 

Sabah Teaches:

Classical Yoga Nidra  (on Thursdays)

You don’t have to be a practicing Yogi or good at meditation to do Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing, ancient yogic mind-body therapy. It is a form of conscious relaxation by connecting with your body which heals, restores & rejuvenates the nervous system. For Yoga Nidra all you need is a mat or your bed to lie down comfortably. You can dim the lights, light a candle, use essential oils, grab a cushion or a pillow, even a blanket. Or nothing at all.
You can turn off your camera if you like, tune into my voice & drop within.

Yoga Nidra for Journeying into the Chakras (on Saturdays)
Drawing on rich traditions and hundreds of years of knowledge, chakra meditations show that practicing intention and purpose can transform your mind, body, and spirit. 
With this meditation, you will be actively participating with your body and mind, exploring its subtle layers on a healing level and witnessing the effects of thoughts and feelings.
It is a very personal practice which usually leaves you with a sense of contentment, peace and heightened charges of energy. The meditation involves tuning into the chakras, self-reflecting, releasing what no longer serves and bringing the chakras into balance—by using the breath, the scared sound (mantras) associated with the chakra, yantras(shapes), imagery, and colours in their respective locations along this inner totem pole which allows you to access the sacred channel of energy. In esoteric tantric reality, everyone is one with the divine. Over time and with practice as you access this sacred channel of energy you become aware that your body is a formless, vast, undulating centre full of light and bliss. It can be a fairly dramatic experience :)

Yoga Nidra for Deeply Engaging The Five Senses (Alternatively)
The five senses that we are blessed with are how we perceive the world around us and how we connect to it. Too many of us are out of touch with our sensory delights because today's world is packed with information. We are bombarded by visual and auditory cues, a barrage of sights, sounds and other sensory inputs that end up creating a sort of numbness. 
Most of our pleasures and stimuli that make life worth living, are derived from our five senses. The more we develop and attend to our senses, the greater the potential for enjoying the simple pleasures of daily life. 
In Ayurveda, sensory impressions are considered crucial to health. Our sensory impressions determine the quality of our thoughts and emotions. If we want greater physical and emotional well-being, we can use our senses to revitalize and rejuvenate ourselves. 
Learn how to deeply engage your senses and awaken your inner pharmacy.