Ryan Adams

đź‘‹ I am Ryan Adams

Ryan is a 200-hr RYT and Yo-Strong teacher living in Austin, TX. He currently studies Humanities and Entrepreneurship at UT Austin. Ryan found teaching movement at the age of 18, and he recalls stepping into this role as an expansion of connection, inspiration, and vulnerability. Teaching has led Ryan in pursuit of a realization that to move is to become free, empowered, and courageous—qualities he very much discovered in a new way upon practicing yoga. 

Ryan’s intention is to inspire a collective celebration of movement as a greater means of journeying within. He is grateful to have had this similar opportunity and to have made further discoveries and insights into the depths to which yoga can reach under his teachers Lizzie Brown, Brittany Collinge, Kaley Klasson, and Gustavo Padron at Wanderlust Yoga Austin. In Ryan’s class, expect a sweaty and athletic practice infused with inspiration, good tunes, and soul. 

Outside the studio, you can regularly find Ryan enjoying an iced butter coffee from Picnik Austin, savoring a bottle of sparkling water to embrace the posher aspects of life, or tapping it back at SoulCycle. Ryan also enjoys working on creative projects and deep conversations with others, preferably to the soundtrack of gentle rainfall.