Ryan Adams

Ryan is a Power yoga and Yo-Strong teacher with a deep passion for integrating the physical and soulful into his class offerings. After first experiencing yoga at the age of 18, curiosity and a desire to know more about the sacred origins and facets of the practice led him to complete his 200-hr at Wanderlust Yoga Austin in 2018. Since then, he’s continued to nurture his curiosity and refine his teaching with many incredible and passionate teachers. No matter the style or tradition of the offering, his greatest intention is that people find freedom in empowered movement and soulful understanding through collective experience each time they practice with him. 

A 2-time Texas Ex, he’s called Austin home for over 4 years and remains enchanted by the vibe and spirit of the city. Beyond the studio, Ryan devotes much of his time to functional fitness training, aiming to be 1% better each day. In studio, his classes unite functional movement patterns, keen intentionality, and kick-ass vibes resulting in an experience that is as iconic as it is soulful. He believes wholeheartedly that an elite playlist game can unlock next-level breakthroughs—so he desires to deliver immaculately curated music alongside an intentional mind-body-spirit practice. 

Big Heart, Strong Vibe. Always. 👊