Rose Theodora

Through her depth of spiritual knowledge, neuroscience background, and innovative approach to astrology, Rose Theodora has led and curated transformative experiences related to the astrological landscape for companies such as Cartier, Adidas, Fender Guitars, Estee Lauder, and Dove. As a counseling Astrologer, in her private practice, Rose has counseled and supported more than 3,000 individuals. Rose launched the first ever Color Astrology studio in Los Angeles and was the first celebrity astrology expert for the E! Style Collective team. She also launched E! Entertainment's street style blog, OPI's #Color is the Answer campaign, EsteƩ Lauder's winter 2020 make-up collection tailored to astrology, and currently writes for Byrdie Beauty on wellness and Astrology. Additionally, she writes the Monthly Moon reports for The DEN. Rose has an international clientele and lives in Madrid, Spain, but is bicontinental, dividing her time between both Los Angeles, CA, and Spain.