Richard Fabio**

Richard Fabio completed his 200 and 300-hour teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center and is a 500-RYT. During the training Richard really impressed Stephanie Keach (the program director and head mama bear of the yoga center) with his natural talent. He is fully committed to yoga as a way of being, taking yoga well beyond the mat. His early yogic path began with sitting meditation. While his mind approached stillness, he struggled with chronic lower back and neck pain. Richard remembers barely reaching his hands past his knees in a forward fold. He quickly realized the importance of embodiment (bringing one's awareness to the body) for the process of healing. In Richard's classes, students benefit from dynamic fluid postures combined with insights from his meditation practice. Richard would like to honor and thank his many teachers and the beautiful lessons that have shaped his path, especially his dear friend and guru Gary Weber.
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