Rebecca Wolf

Rebecca is a yogi and a chef who believes the body and mind work best as one cohesive unit, and when balanced in harmony can help you reach your goals and live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Rebecca grew up in the beautiful state of North Carolina and then spent 10 years in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Detroit in the fall of 2018.

Rebecca found her way into yoga like most people do: she went searching for something outside of herself and through yoga found it was within her all along. In 2017 she pursued the opportunity to live in Nicaragua and teach yoga at a surf and yoga resort where she and her husband served as co-managers. This experience deepened her connection to her own practice and lead her to pursue her RYT-200 certification.  

Yoga has been a journey of allowing Rebecca to feel (body, mind, and soul) connected to others and the universe by stripping away the excess and getting to the root of what brings us all together.  It is her desire that people find a deeper connection to themselves and leave her class feeling charged, seen, and worthy.