Rae Gulland

👋 I am Rae Gulland

Rae’s passion for yoga began in 2014 when she initially turned to the practice for its physical benefits following a knee injury. Quickly, she found a spaciousness and truthfulness in her body she never thought possible. An athlete since childhood, she has had an intuitive sense for movement in the body as well as an understanding of the importance of a strong foundation, both physically and mentally.

Rae studied in Rishikesh, India where she completed her YTT500 with a focus in Vinyasa, Hatha, anatomy, pranayama, and the use of props. Her passion is to teach yoga to anybody, everybody, and every body wanting a deeper understanding of their body from its foundation up. Without a solid and purposeful foundation, we give our bodies nothing with which to build on. Without foundation, there can be no understanding and without understanding, there can be no growth. In her classes, students will breathe, move to music, explore, and play by moving the body through various shapes. It is through these shapes that she hopes students might come to meet their bodies with gratitude, grace, and love.