Pippa Blau

Pippa first found yoga in highschool.  After her interest was piqued by many amazing teachers, she went to Naropa University in Boulder CO and studied Traditional Eastern Arts with a Focus in Yoga. After this she moved to Jackson, Wyoming to play and work  in the mountains. She taught yoga for 4 years at Pursue Studio while  living there. She is also in the process of finishing a 200 hour intuitive flow with Rachel Wilkins this has helped to refresh her knowledge and delve in her own healing. She recently moved to Santa Barbara, to be close to the ocean and family, and experience a different place for a bit. When she is not teaching yoga she loves dancing, painting, running, mountain biking, cross country skiing, reading self help books and poetry, spending time with friends, being outdoors, playing with her pup, learning guitar, and laughing. 

Her approach to teaching is creating a space where everyone feels welcome to move their body freely and intuitively.  She brings anatomy and alignment into class, as well as teachings on the energy body, breath, and meditation. She loves nature, connection, and people and has always felt most at peace outside, so she tries to bring inspiration from mama earth to class. She also really loves to play and explore.