Phoenix Soul

👋 I am Phoenix Soul

Phoenix Soul received her 200hr in 2017 from South Boston Yoga. Her training with David and Todd was the catalyst for her healing journey through conscious movement. It was in her YTT where she found a piece of her which she had been disconnected with for so long, her breath. In practicing mindful breathing she learned how to heal energetically. Right after YTT Phoenix was ecstatic to guide others through what had helped her come home to herself. She has been on that journey ever since.

Phoenix later went on to teach Yoga at Harvard University to students of color and underrepresented groups. She completed training in Trauma sensitive yoga and later co-facilitated several Goddess retreats in and outside of Boston. A year ago Phoenix moved to Hawaii and has been living and cultivating community there ever since. 

Her current class offerings include clothing optional yoga where she links breath, body-positivity, and conscious movement. Phoenix promotes a clothes free environment free from bias that aims to dismantle the idea that nakedness means sexuality. Nakedness is sacred and a raw form of self expression. 

Phoenix says, ¨its an honor to be a part of such a dynamic and evolutionary teaching team¨. She is looking forward to putting together an innovative workshop. Stay tuned for upcoming class schedule. 

No upcoming events.