Natsuyo Padmini Hama

👋 I am Natsuyo Padmini Hama

Padmini is the Founder and Principal Instructor of FLOW ARTS Yoga.( Studio in Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan )

She began her journey towards Yoga by trying to find the beauty in life through art, fashion, movies and music. 

After graduating from fine arts school Padmini chose to work in Fashion and spent many years promoting  international designers, modeling and creating exhibitions, both in Japan and overseas in Paris . Eventually her focus changed from outer style to studying how to create inner health and true beauty from within through the natural healing power of Yoga.

Yoga has become the center of her everyday life :
she has studied Yoga intensively in NYC, London and India and has assisted and translated for  Jules Febre (Jivamukti NYC).

She  graduate from the Jivamukti Yoga 300 hours course in 2009.

In recent years she has studying traditional Indian Yoga philosophy, spirituality and physical techniques through her relationships with authentic Indian teachers such as Mukesh Thapliyal and Mukesh Dabral of FLOW ARTS RISHIKESH. 

In 2014 she established the current FLOW ARTS YOGA studio in Nakameguro, Tokyo in order to create a real living Yoga community and to share the richness and pleasure gained from practicing Yoga . 

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