Nadine Shaw-Landesvatter

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience"  says Pierre Teilhard de
Chardin, French Philosopher.
 "We are spirits in a material world" says Gordon Sumner

With that in mind, Nadine offers the art of chillin' and the art of fun and laughter with slow hatha/vinyasa flows and mindful music (what she refers to as "Innercise Flow")
A yoga practitioner of Hatha/Vinyasa, Iyengar. Kemetic, Kundalini, Ayurveda  Afro Flow and Yin on and off for many years, Nadine's desire to share with others the art of chillin'--Innercise Flow --flourished abundantly.
Through a slow, subtle flow, one balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems while building resilience. The emphasis is being in the present, in the moment, and releasing any comparisons of oneself to the past, future, or to others. Nadine's Innercise Flow aids in uniting the human experience to the spiritual being. Nadine trained with Breathe for Change for her 200 hour yoga teacher training, followed by an apprenticeship with Black to Yoga. She's a mentor for Breathe for Change yoga teacher trainees.
Fun Facts: Nadine's a Certified Breath Coach , a Licensed Zumba Instructor and a certified CPR/First Aid Instructor. She's also a member of the Subtle Yoga Resilience Society. She loves traveling, dancing, watching movies (particularly dark comedies), and hiking with her German life partner.
So, bring a mat, a smile, some laughter, preparation to "chill" and enjoy an Innercise Flow -- an easy slow flow yoga with Nadine (