Morgan Moulckers

👋 I am Morgan Moulckers

Morgan is grateful that yoga found her her early on. Having always been passionate about health and wellness, Morgan loved the mental clarity and mindfulness that yoga offered, in addition to the physicality of the practice, and found that it was the perfect supplement to her busy, fast-paced life. Now, Morgan is a 500 RYT. She completed her 200-hour power teacher training at CorePower under the guidance of Joel Homme, her 300-hour vinyasa training at Wanderlust Yoga under Leah Cullis and Kate Waitzkin, and her 20-hour yin yoga certification under Giaconda Parker. Morgan loves sharing her passion of teaching with students all over the world. Discovering her deep-rooted wanderlust and love for travel and connecting with people from all over the world during college, Morgan has traveled to over 40 countries (and counting), and is passionate about sharing travel with others. Morgan graduated from UT Austin with a dual-degree in Business and Nutritional Sciences, and co-founded Venture Om, a yoga retreat company she runs with Carrigan Whiteley, which was the perfect way to combine her passions of yoga, travel, and community, while leveraging her learned business knowledge from her career in management consulting. When not planning the next retreat or teaching classes, you can find Morgan cooking with friends, taking long walks in nature, exploring new places around the world, or cuddling at home with her cat.