Monika Marynowski

Monika's journey with yoga started with her second pregnancy. To avoid another Cesarian section she prepared her body with Yoga, and was successful. After having the baby she found Yoga and was hooked. Yoga is also the only form exercise she has found to help with back pain. Off the mat, Monika holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Banking. When she first came to the US from Poland, she advised people on how to invest their money, now she helps them to invest in their physical well being by reshaping their bodies, feeling better and having fun, all at the same time. Monika is well-known in Chicago for her killer interpretation of Yoga with weights, and teaches all disciplines at Zen Yoga Garage. She also brings her amazing people skills and customer service savvy to the desk of Assistant Manager. We are absolutely thrilled to have Monika in this role at ZYG.