Miles Borrero

is an NYC-based yoga teacher. A spirit and body geek, he has studied many yoga lineages extensively, as well as meditation, Eastern philosophies, breath work, different movement systems, and different kinds of hands on body work. Miles trained originally at Om Yoga back in the day, above the Strand Bookstore in Union Square, with Cyndi Lee and her crew. Some of his most influential teachers in the yoga sphere are: Raghunath Capo, Margi Young, Ana Forrest, Schuyler Grant, Michael Stone, Alan Finger, Eric Shiffman, Rod Stryker, Maty Ezraty, Rusty Wells and Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band. And his work continues to be inspired by articulate, smart, movers, thinkers and shakers such as: Ido Portal, Mark Robberds, Wim Hoff, and Jenni Rawlings. 

Miles is an anatomy aficionado, who fuses his vast knowledge of the body, classical technique and understanding of philosophy to deliver a wholehearted, creative practice so respectful, that it will leave you with the ever-fresh feeling that can only come from connecting deeply with your own breath. His nuanced insights stay with you past the duration of class and his chants will melt your heart wide open. His love of people is infectious and he is passionate about dismantling the learned systems within ourselves that keep us small and using our yoga to create inclusive spaces where difference and diversity become our super powers. 

Miles has taught for many of NYC’s prime yoga studios including Om Yoga, the Kula Yoga Project and Pure Yoga as well as online platforms such as Yoga Anytime, Yoga International, OmStars and Empbodied Philosophy. He has contributed to publications such as Mantra, Om Yoga, Embodied Philosophy and Yoga City NYC. 

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