Michael Cohen

👋 I am Michael Cohen

Yoga has been the culmination of my life’s relationship with movement. After competitive figure skating at a young age and dancing through college, I arrived at yoga eight years ago. Since then, I have taken two 200-hour Vinyasa, Power, and Hatha yoga trainings: one with CorePower Yoga in Chicago and the other with Sadhana Yoga School in Bali. I have also completed a 75-hour "Art of Teaching Kula" advanced teacher-training in Portugal with The Sacred Fig, led by Nikki Vilella and Anton Brandt. I like my classes to look beyond strict asanas to other sources of movement for inspiration: dance, 80‘s aerobics, Pilates, intuitive movement, etc. My goal for each class is to practice healthy alignment, discover fluidity through transitions, strengthen the areas that we may neglect, and stretch the places where we hold most stress.