Melissa Mae Bartley

Hi friends! 
I am Melissa Mae (she/her). 
Meditation and yoga are practices that were sprinkled through my teenage and young adulthood life yet didn't truly start to stick with me until I had the opportunity to learn more about them during my training as a massage therapist. I developed a regular practice in both as I studied human anatomy, kinesiology, & various bodywork methods in preparation for my NYS Massage Therapy Licensing Board Exams. As a LMT, yoga and meditation helped me keep my mind and body strong while also bringing me new insights and a shifting perspective. In 2017 I followed these interests deeper by becoming a Reiki 2 Practitioner and traveling to San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala for my 200hr Bhakti centered Yoga Teacher Training with Kula Collective. I've been teaching Yoga and Meditation ever since. 
Over the years I've continued to study and add to my experiences becoming a Reiki Master, Life Coach, and even training in Restorative Yoga at Sangha! My practices are strongly influenced by my work as a body worker and energy healer as well as my love of human imagination and nature. 

I hope you will join me 8-8:30am for Mindful Meditation to explore the Self together.