Melanie Burchard

I began practicing yoga in 2011, the same year I started student teaching.  I had recently ended my relationship with long distance running and needed something that would still provide me with physical activity and mental clarity (especially after being around middle schoolers).  One day in the classroom, my mentor teacher said she’d had a dream of me in tree pose.  As odd as it may be, that was enough to inspire me to explore yoga.  I started out practicing at home with DVDs but didn’t actually set foot in a studio until almost two years later when I tried heated yoga in Phoenix (of all places).  I immediately recognized that practicing in person added so much more to the experience and knew I wanted to teach yoga some day.  

It wasn’t until 2018 after moving back to Michigan and exploring studios all over Metro Detroit that I was introduced to The Plymouth Yoga Room by my beekeeping mentor.  I felt at home right away and knew PYR was the perfect place to take teacher training.  Over time, yoga has provided me with a way to deepen my connection to myself but also to family members, friends, coworkers, and my spouse, Kyle.  It has even opened the door to many new friendships. What I love most about yoga is that each student is on an individual journey of self discovery but that the community at PYR uplifts one another with shared breath and energy.