Mark Wheat

Although I had taken intermittent vinyasa classes for a few short periods of time before then, it was turning 50, ten years ago and feeling out of shape, that made me determined to make yoga a regular practice. Yes it helped with my overall health and flexibility, but it also gave me the doorway to meditation, which I’d never been able to do properly. In fact it was at a yoga retreat at Kripalu, MA where every class ended with a short meditation, that the link was made indelible. Discovering Avita 3 years ago was then quite literally my dream come true, a style of yoga that felt good in my body and induced a meditative state within my mind.

In June 2020, after retiring from my career as a radio host in Minneapolis/
St.Paul MN, I came to study with Jeff here in Boulder. Because of COVID
the teacher training program that was planned to start then was pushed back to October, so I had four months to do as much Avita as possible!
The six months spent training, largely remotely of course, was a wonderful way to spend a dreadful time in our country, as we learned the core principles of the practice and supported each other’s enthusiasm for its effects. Not all of my training cohort wanted to teach, but I always knew that I did, although I was by no means sure if I could and when we graduated in March 2021 no one was sure if any of us would get the chance!

Thankfully the community that has been built around Avita here at The Yoga Loft, which as been so welcoming and supportive to me ever since I arrived, have safely returned to class recently in significant numbers. So now I am thrilled that Jeff has asked me to teach the same classes as he does on Monday and Wednesday, on Tuesday and Thursday at 10.45am & 6pm. I hope you’ll be inspired to join me on our yoga journey. Namaste.