Marianne Linn

Marianne Linn

Marianne, E-RYT 500, YACEP, has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for nearly 30 years and teaching in the San Francisco Bay area since 1995.

She first was drawn to meditation before discovering the path of Yoga as a practical journey to recognize our true nature. In 1992, while practicing meditation in Suan Mokh, a Buddhist monastery in South Thailand, Marianne quickly realized that practicing yoga tremendously enhanced the quality of sitting meditation. Since then, the practice and teaching of yoga and meditation has been fundamental to her life-long study of holistic well-being and the exploration of the great mind.

Marianne's teachings are enhanced and greatly influenced by 30 years of bodywork and massage practice. She is a Certified Bodywork Practitioner and certified in Somatic Yoga Therapy. She works with individuals to develop personalized yoga and meditation programs for people with pain and injury and special aspirations for personal practices.

In her classes you will be guided through a flowing, slower-paced sequence of asanas, linking intentional breath with conscious movement and present mind. The asanas are intentionally challenging, designed to awaken our attention to each moment's experience, as it is, whether in motion or in stillness. We focus on skillful alignment. We meet and explore each breath, each experience with unconditional listening, openness and necessary applied modifications. We build strength where we find weakness and increase openness where tension and holding patterns are found. To further harness our energies and quiet the mind we end with 15 minutes of pranayama and meditation.

'My inspiration finds new sparks with every practice, every class, workshop and retreat I teach. I am always excited to share my insights related to personal development and my studies of the human body, energy and mind. I practice Yoga to awaken the body, to build prana and to develop a greater understanding of what matters most and who we really are.'