Margaret Mann

👋 I am Margaret Mann

Margaret is a retired dancer, stylist, and photo agent. Not knowing what her next career would look like, she left that all behind in search of something deeper, more meaningful and satisfying, and skeptically took her first yoga class in 2002. Drawn to the symmetry, detail, intelligence and sweaty physicality of the vinyasa practice she soon realized that yoga also provided the structure within which to search freely for her next "job." 

It wasn't long before her yoga practice revealed itself not only as a path to her truth but also as the way to be of service to others. Along with being a yoga teacher in New York City, she is a wife, sister, daughter, friend, and dog owner (gurus, they are). She can sail a boat, bake a perfect soufflé, ride a motorcycle, and is always interested in the next lesson. Margaret completed her yoga training with Isaac Pena and Jude English at Sankalpah in 2009, and has a BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase.

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