Manna Dabholkar

A spiritual guide, a life coach who empowers you to explore your higher spiritual self, encourages you to seek the answers that lay within you, to build the life of your choosing. Building and running humanitarian organizations for more than a decade, Manna understood that her path in life is of empowering people, of helping, guiding them to self-discovery, helping them take their power back, define their own boundaries, and live a life of fulfillment and spiritual contentment. 
In Manna's view, spirituality and science, the sacred and the material, live hand in hand. She sees people as spiritual beings meant to experience the material world. For her, Freedom, Liberation of the Body, Mind and Soul is fundamental to a healthy life. Our True Self, the Unfiltered, Unprogrammed Self is available to all if we make a conscious effort to strike a balance between our material world and the invincible spiritual world.
 Manna guides Psychic Intuitive Meditation at Shambala Intuitive Healing, CHIT, Bodhgaya Institute of Consciousness Studies and often teaches as a guest at The DEN. Her meditation sessions explore topics such as Basic Intuitive Psychic Tools, Consciousness, Detachment, Past Life Regression Therapy, Mediumship Basics, and more. She also gives Mediumship Readings and Energy Readings.