Maggie Vannucci

👋 I am Maggie Vannucci

Maggie came to yoga as a purely physical practice, aiding her dance training. She is now a professional dancer who spent four years obtaining her contemporary dance BA (Hons) and MFA overseas in England. In her final year abroad she toured internationally with a contemporary dance company, in which she was physically pushing her body but not caring for her mental health. She started to incorporate yoga into her free time, a consistent Vinyasa practice, in which she saw transformational gains in her mind-body connection and daily peace. 
After moving back to Chicago, Maggie completed her 200hr teacher training at Zen Yoga Garage through which she found a new community of movement lovers and practitioners. Maggie focuses on creative sequencing to get you out of your habitual movements. She sees classes as a time to play and shift your perspective. Maggie hopes to challenge her students to not only focus on the physical layer but engage in self-inquiry; taking quiet time to feel their whole selves connecting. 
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