lucid dawn

 Lucid Dawn, ERYT 1000+, is a synthesist. She has been practicing yoga, healing, & expressive arts since 1993.  Lucid has been teaching since 2003.  Her classes are multi-dimensional, intentional, challenging, and nurturing.
      Lucid is fervent in her desire to help others thrive.  She weaves the teachings of Yoga; movement, breath, meditation, & Non-Dual Tantrik philosophy w/ ritual & practice that acknowledge;  season, celestial movements, and phases of life.  Her studies in neuroscience, nutrition, aromatherapy, Non-Violent Communication, earth magick, energy medicine, & Lifeline Healing Technique also inform her teaching. 
     She is dedicated to embracing all beings & all aspects of being for a full celebration of life, including courageously facing death. 
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