Lily Trombley

My journey with yoga began as a desperate search for a physically active outlet. I never really found gyms to be my kind of vibe, and in 2016 I had a friend who recommended yoga (specifically the Plymouth Yoga Room). I took my first class and was instantly hooked. Little did as I know, In search for a way to gain more physical strength, I gained so much more than I could have ever imagined in other areas. Yoga gives us to opportunity to work on our physical bodies, but it gives so much focus to our mental health as well. Taking the time to give ourselves awareness and attention is so important, because we are more in tune to who we are and when we turn inward physically and mentally we are able to deal with life a little easier. We learn so much during our practice which gives us tools to use outside of the room and away from our mat. Channeling our breath to get through the hurdles that life throws our way. Shortly after attending yoga classes, I started working at the yoga room front desk for 2 years until I enrolled in the RYT 200 teacher training program with Brent & Sheri at the Plymouth Yoga Room. I pretty much knew I wanted to teach as soon as I took my first yoga class, and I could not be more proud to have followed through with that passion. Teaching has taught me so much and yoga has personally given me so much, I’m honored to share that with others and give back to the community.