Lexi Lindell

👋 I am Lexi Lindell

Lexi is a yoga teacher and acupuncture student. She loves helping essential workers recover from burnout and avoid overwhelm by sharing yoga, meditation & self-care tips. Lexi was an active duty member in the Coast Guard for ten years before departing as a Lieutenant. She was very fortunate to lead military teams through high risk operations with a focus on search & rescue and counter narcotic missions. She found it very rewarding to help coworkers manage stress while still achieving incredible mission success. After experiencing impressive health improvements during acupuncture treatments, Lexi became so interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine that she decided it was time to change careers and help people in a totally new way.

Lexi is a registered yoga teacher with a 200 hour certification. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance, the Balance Yoga Project, and an Alumni of Boston Yoga School. Lexi has been a dedicated student of yoga since 2014 and is eager to build a career focused on wellness as she pursues a Master’s degree in Acupuncture. Lexi is thrilled to help you experience the benefits of yoga as you successfully navigate your way through the modern world. Her upbeat energy is contagious and will motivate you to create a yoga practice that works, even for the busiest lifestyles. Do you know anyone with a high stress job who is interested in improving their health and wellness? If so, they can check out Lexi’s instagram or website!