Lewis Rothlein

Lewis, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, has taught and practiced yoga for more than 25 years, and is known for giving clear easy-to-understand directions and for his giving and positive nature. He has seen time and time again the healing power of yoga and the seemingly magical gifts it brings to so many areas of life. After all these years immersed in yoga, Lewis loves it more than ever. While yoga is so nourishing to the body, it also is deeply nourishing to the soul, and the yoga Lewis has taught has accented both aspects, whether it has been Ashtanga Yoga, with its remarkable focus elements to complement its physical practice, or what Lewis is now teaching, a series of undemanding poses that opens the spine and muscles in every way. This practice has a strong focus on the deep calming breath, and on uniting the flow with that breath, to take the practitioner into a lovely place far away from stress. This practice will bring contentment to beginners as well as experienced practitioners, and it is
Lewis’s belief and hope that it will serve as an oasis for body and mind, and bring an abundance
of yoga’s magical gifts.