Lauren Haythe

👋 I am Lauren Haythe

Lauren became a certified KMI practitioner after studying under founder Tom Myers as well as James Earls in Oxford, England. She broadened her structural integration practice by studying orthopedic pain management and visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute and became a licensed bodyworker in the State of New York after graduating from the Swedish Institute. 

She graduated with honors while obtaining her Masters of Sciences in Acupuncture from Tristate College of Acupuncture (TSCA) and has graduated from Nigel Dawes’s Kampo program for studies in Japanese herbs. She has completed human dissections to advance her knowledge of the human body with Tom Myers and Todd Garcia. Lauren works with a desire to merge the practical knowledge of western anatomy with the eastern principles of Chinese and Japanese medicine in order to treat patients under a plan that best serves their unique and individual needs. She maintains a practice in NYC and in upstate NY and teaches Applied Anatomy at yoga teacher training programs around the country.
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