Kevin McMahon

Join our lululemon Ambassador for your practice. As an engineer and real estate agent Kevin is known to cultivate an analytical mind. He loves method, data, and evidence. An exhaustive work schedule and the chase of an imagined future lead him to burnout. Kevin turned to yoga as a way to manage stress and anxiety during difficult times - with the bonus of staying fit. Little did he know, Yoga would transform him in a magical way and open him up to introspection and self-discovery.
Kevin’s devotional practice helps to remind him of wholeness and promotes a creative mind. In addition to Yoga, he loves reading, learning, self-study, meditation, breathing techniques and nature bathing.

Kevin knows that every body is different and creates space and an environment for all to remain present and focused. His authenticity, grace and elegance captivates each student's attention and awareness to Prana.

Come and join me on the mat - let’s journey together!