Katy Lehman

👋 I am Katy Lehman

Katy's mother has been teaching yoga since before she was even an idea, so naturally she grew up with a yoga practice. Movement, health, awareness, and expression have been a part of her life since she can remember. Teaching others the power of yoga was naturally the next step in her journey. Katy had the pleasure of studying with Erica Kaufmann at her Lila Yoga Studio in central Pennsylvania. Katy then traveled to Chennai to continue her training at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram to deepen her practice, explore the beautiful city, and immerse herself in the culture. Since then, she has been able to practice yoga in Australia and all across the US. Katy continues to teach in the Lila Yoga tradition, connecting the body to the breath and taping into the body’s subtle creative energies. She is in awe of the effect yoga has on the movement of the body and transcendence of the mind. Through vinyasa, asana, pranayama, music, dance, and laughter, she hopes to encourage practitioners to explore their strength, fluidity, creativity, and playfulness.
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