Juliana Zappitell

Juliana Zappitell is a certified E-RYT 200/YACEP Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor from Santa Barbara, CA. Juliana was introduced to yoga in 2012 in her hometown of Delray Beach, FL by a close friend. Ever since, she has found solace in her practice during significant life transitions. Juliana started her own yoga community when she moved across the country during the global pandemic. She facilitated a safe space for UC Santa Barbara students living in uncertain times to move their body and connect with each other. She did this by starting a wellness blog and incorporating weekly hybrid yoga and meditation classes. As businesses began to re-open, she stumbled upon Yoga Soup and immediately felt at home. She furthered her understanding of the mind-body connection in the classroom by taking several courses in Hinduism and Psychology. She takes yoga beyond the mat and uses its principles to engage with mindfulness while traveling the world, going on beach walks, producing articles and videos, and forming communities. 

In her words based on one of her favorite books, “The outside world along with the thoughts and emotions that come with these experiences can create a turbulent inner world. Stillness allows us to explore our mind without judgment and connect back to the self—the part of us that exists beyond the mind. Let go of how life “should” be and feel and experience life for what it is. I don’t believe in telling my students what to do, but instead I invite them to get curious about their own bodies. I hold space for you to tap into your intuition and build trust within—you are your own spirit guide.”