Julia Veronesi

Julia believes we all have a wild self; an unbridled, liberated personality that lies dormant within all of us, that over time becomes hardened by the world around us. She believes we all have an inner child; an innocent, playful, creative, free spirit that is not far removed from the raw soul, tucked away, hiding from our everyday lives. Julia’s passion in life is to find these crucial missing elements of human nature, and the first step in finding them, is Yoga. Uniting the body and mind to establish new patterns of behavior and thinking. 

Julia grew up as an actor, moved to NYC after graduating college and worked professionally for two years until one day “life hit her”, her traumas embodied her and she experienced what it was like to hit rock bottom. When reflecting on what made her truly happy, one thing came to mind; the free elective Ashtanga Yoga class that her college offered every Wednesday at noon. It was at that moment when she realized she had to give her spot away in NYC to an artist that needed it more and start her yoga journey. 

Julia moved to Austin, TX in 2017 to complete her 200hr, Power Yoga and YoStrong training where she found her authentic voice teaching a fast paced, music driven class. She uses her gymnastics, dance and SoulCycle training to push the mind and body beyond it’s habitual limitations. She believe’s that in the most vulnerable moments in class, one can then learn to embody their wild self. It has been a dream of hers to teach at YTX Yoga, and she is beyond excited to join the tribe.